Paraparaumu Domain: Our home ground. Has short boundaries square (55 meters). Long hit to the far end of the ground (80 meters). Best to be tactical when setting the field. Best parking is next to the petanque club or rugby club (if you value your windshield)
Aorangi Road, Paraparaumu


Weka Park: Artificial pitch on a ground that favours big hitters (boundaries are 65-70 meters). Best to bowl from the Hill end. Best parking wherever you feel is safely far enough away. 
Weka Road, Raumati, Paraparaumu


Kena Kena Park: Home of PCC. Tactically, a pitch you want to be fielding on when the tides in. Can be a bit tennis ball like bounce. Don’t over pitch as the boundaries are short square (55 meters) and straight (65 meters) Best parking at the bottom end of the car park furtherest from the clubrooms. 
Whyte Street, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu


Te Atiawa Park: Artificial turf which favours big hitters. Be careful early season as the ground is often wet and the ball won’t travel. Best parking by the carved Maori entrance way (14 Mazengarb Rd)
Donovan Road, Paraparaumu Beach, Paraparaumu


Matthews Park: Artificial pitch which in tradition, favours the big hitters, short boundaries of 55-60 meters down the ground and to the south. Be careful not to find an old wicket keepers eyeball here. Best parking is at the end of Margaret Road in the small safe car park.
Margaret Road End, Raumati Beach, Paraparaumu


Waikanae Park: Artificial turf with boundaries of between 65-75 meters, outfield can hold moisture here. A good toss to lose on a new moon. Best parking is at the pony club.
Park Avenue, Waikanae


Haruatai Park: Artificial goat track that offers steep bounce at the south end, boundaries of 60 meters, home ground for Otaki Sports Club. Best parking is to the south end of the ground, further back the better.
Mill Road, Otaki


Weraroa Reserve: Short boundaries of between 55-70 meters so be careful (especially from the clubroom end). Usually a batters paradise, does tend to move around early in the season. Best parking by the wooden fence on the grass furtherest from the clubrooms.
Makomako Road, levin



Donnelly Park: Home of Levin Old Boys. No.1 pitch – resembles corrugated iron. Can favour the batsman or the bowlers. A good toss to lose. Artificial and No. 2 pitch are all close together so eyes in the back of your head helps. Best Parking is at the far end by the indoor centre. If your playing on the artificial feel free to drive on the grass to your field.
Adkin Road, Levin


Centennial Park:
Broadway, Marton


Victoria Park:
Parsons Street, Whanaganui


Mana Indoor Training Facility:
Ngati Toa Domain, Pascoe Avenue, Mana, Porirua