Meet The Officials

Hayden Wright – President 

A local from the north, he practices the pressure and patience philosophy when playing cricket.

Likes: Sunshine, green fields, Jackie Chan movies, useless information.

Dislikes: Cricket, rain on Saturdays and PCC.



Dave Malcom – Treasurer

Eastern Porirua born’n raised…his Scottish heritage makes him uniquely qualified to miserly manage the clubs accounts.

Likes: 80’s action movies , 50’s science fiction movies and black jellybeans.

Dislikes: People whom wax lyrical about their academic abilities and The Kardashians.



Mark Williamson (Willie) – Secretary


Willie is our main man who assist with all things secretarial and can be spotted listening to every Black Caps game while following the boys around the local grounds, not to mention he is a leg spinning genius with a hat-trick to his name.



Martin Harrison – Club Captain and Captain of Senior A

Kapiti Coast old boy who has returned back to the coast. He preffers to make more runs than balls faced!

Likes: Hitting boundaries, T20 and beer.

Dislikes: Running anything more than a quick single, red balls and long grass.



Jayden Smith – Manager Senior A

Second generation old boys player. Has a penchant for wearing brimmed hats to black cap games.

Likes: The toast, bowling bouncers and wearing sunglasses at night.

Dislikes: Being compared to his father, facing bouncers and burnt toast.



Wade Abbott – Captain Presidents

Flat wicket bully from the south, practices sledging with his parrot and brewing protein shakes for his chicken legs.

Likes: Boundaries, tropical fish and golf.

Dislikes: Medium pacers, shorts and PCC.



Craig Bowen – Manager and Co-captain Senior B

Kapiti Coast old boy whom thinks he’s an all rounder, but in reality he is average at both.

Likes: Wickets, fist pumping and a beer after a win.

Dislikes: Keepers who can’t catch, batting at number 11.



Mike Watkin – Manager Presidents 

A Waikanae fossil of 10 years nicknamed Skin, he is originally from Whangarei. He has lived in England and Australia and played cricket in both countries.

Likes: Cricket, rugby, statistics, snow skiing and listening to his favourite song “stroke it”

Dislikes: Soccer, rain on Saturdays and ignorance.